Members of the steering group:

  • Di Barber – Councillor
  • Emma Brading – Councillor
  • Tony Brayford – Resident
  • David Caiden – Resident, Vice Chairman
  • Miles Hosking – Resident, Chairman
  • Nina Hosking – Resident
  • Peter Loader – Councillor
  • Steve Mander – Resident
  • Alan Moss – Councillor
  • Neelima Payne – Councillor
  • Miles Price – Resident
  • Elizabeth Willetts – Resident

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Focus Groups

We anticipate that there will be a number of focus groups being set up in the coming months.  Many people have expressed an interest in joining such groups… these may include:

  • Rickmansworth Town Centre and Future High Streets
  • Parks & Open Spaces
  • Transport
  • Areas of Special Character
  • Heritage Assets
  • Waterways, rivers, watercourses, drainage and flooding.
  • Community Energy

These are just some topics that have been aired, you may have particular areas that you would like to become involved with – so why not sign up and have your say.  You may even want to lead a focus group – just let us know.

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Do you know anyone who would like to be part of The Plan? Please spread the word!