the results are in

We have now evaluated all the responses to the Policy and Projects Ideas Paper, and these are available to view.

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Focus Groups

For The Plan to be successfully adopted it is essential that residents and businesses are given the opportunity to contribute to the plan.

The second phase of consultation with residents and businesses, was  to set up a number of Focus Groups – one for Moor Park & Eastbury and one for Rickmansworth Town, each group would discuss different topics.

These Focus groups met and a Report was published following these meetings.  People were then asked to complete a questionnaire and comment on the report…. these results are now available above.



  • Local green space designations
  • Access to waterways
  • Location specific strategies: Bury Gardens / Eastbury Rec
  • Wildlife habitat
  • Golf courses


  • Visual design guides
  • Protection of heritage assets
  • Conservation Areas
  • Sustainable building and landscape design


  • Civic hub 
  • Community Centre
  • High street
  • Markets
  • Non-residential buildings


  • Sustainable transport 
  • Cycling and walking
  • Flooding and extreme weather
  • Green infrastructure
  • Street furniture

Members of the steering group:

  • Di Barber – Councillor
  • Emma Brading – Resident
  • David Caiden – Resident, Vice Chairman
  • Craige Coren – Councillor
  • Miles Hosking – Resident, Chairman
  • Nina Hosking – Resident
  • Steve Mander – Councillor
  • Alan Moss – Councillor
  • Neelima Payne – Councillor
  • Miles Price – Resident
  • Elizabeth Willetts – Resident